A glance under the surface:
Aloxyd AG in brief.

Aloxyd AG specialises in the surface finishing of aluminium workpieces.

If you need your aluminium parts and components to be

  • Harder
  • More colourful
  • More durable
  • Corrosion-resistant

then look no further. We are your partner for surface finishing in the area of nanotechnology. An anodised or oxide coating offers more than mere corrosion protection. Anodising is also a way of enhancing the appearance and appeal of your aluminium products. In short: we bring colour to your business!

Our services are more than skin deep, however. We tailor them to your requirements and offer a one-stop shop in terms of advice, production and delivery. State-of-the-art technologies, highly specialised know-how and continuous innovation make Aloxyd AG a dependable and at the same time flexible partner.

We look forward to being of service.


Some 30 highly qualified and motivated staff give of their best every day with the aim of delivering impeccable quality.


Between 1935 and 1941, the La Centrale watch case manufacturing company in Biel/Bienne offered surface engineering services, including anodised aluminium signs. The company's anodising department was spun off on 23 June 1942 to become Aloxyd AG, a legally independent entity.

Our core competence is the anodic oxidation or anodisation of dimensionally stable and coloured aluminium workpieces. Our customers operate in a range of sectors, including medicine and metrics, jewellery manufacturing and mechanical engineering. The past 70 years have seen us perfect our production processes to the point where we can work to extremely fine tolerances.

The anodising of signs and customers' workpieces continued in Biel/Bienne until 1971. That year saw the company inaugurate a second site in Grosshöchstetten in Switzerland's picturesque Emmental Valley.

Aloxyd's production activities since 2001 have continued exclusively at this latter plant.

In 2015 Aloxyd launched a new and innovative service under the name AloxPrint: printing on aluminium, glass and more.


Our primary goal is to provide our customers with high-quality aluminium surface engineering services that are tailored to their needs and wishes: we do more than anodising!


We aim to satisfy our customers with expert advice and superb quality, as well as by processing orders in a timely manner.

  • We endeavour to build and maintain enduring customer relations.
  • Quality for us is more than what we produce – it's the fact that the customer comes back.
  • The range of colours we offer is vast and versatile – and unique in Europe.
  • We strive to be a reliable partner when it comes to dimensionally stable anodisation.

We make every effort to safeguard the environment throughout our production processes and endeavour to maintain high environmental standards through cyclical investment programmes.

In terms of social responsibility, we are committed to safeguarding the jobs on which our staff depend and maintaining an open and confidence-inspiring climate in the workplace. In exchange, we expect our people to work to the best of their ability and affirm their personal commitment to excellence and to their workplace.

We aim to demonstrate our flexibility throughout our activities.

Everyone at Aloxyd is under an obligation to support occupational safety objectives in accordance with the rules and their personal judgement. Goal: no occupational accidents.

We are continually challenged to improve our operational processes.